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Friday, July 18, 2008

Healthcare Debacle

There has been quite a brouhaha lately over the pending Medi-Cal cuts. Seems that doctors, nurses, hospitals, healthcare workers, medical supply companies and pharmaceutical corporations are all twitterpated over the possibility that the gravy train is about to come off the tracks.

You see, the above well intentioned entitlements were adopted by well intentioned politicians as a safety net, so the “poor and trodden down pipples”, would have access to health care. But as with so many good intentions, now comes the unintended consequences. The “safety net” soon morphed into a backstop for irresponsible behavior, then into a health care plan for those who have ignored basic hygiene, shunned exercise or spent decades abusing alcohol, drugs or tobacco--the number one preventable killer in America. Did anyone sound the alarm then? NO.

Hospitals faced with declining revenues from patients possessing gold plated health insurance coverage, began to look at public health insurance as part of their bottom line. Add to that, the illegal aliens in our country began to swamp our healthcare facilities. No problemo, taxpayers would pick up the tab.

Additionally, the soaring burden on all the medical industry from the predatory practices of malpractice attorneys, who shake down the health care industry from front to back. But during all this outrageous plundering, did we hear a peep from anyone in the hospitals or clinics? NO.

Did we hear any bells or alarms when money hungry surgeons were performing “elective” procedures on terminally ill patients…. because they could… raking in hundreds of millions from the “System”? NO.

And while we heard virtually nothing from the medical community about abuses, fraud, waste and corruption, which bled billions from the public trough, we now hear a chorus of complaints from the very people, who have led us to this moment.

So, if and until the principals involved in this financial debacle don’t step up to the plate with some very serious reforms and corrections, they shouldn’t be too surprised when the taxpayers representatives stop the gravy train.

But hey, I could be wrong. The Dumbplumber

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