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Friday, July 18, 2008

Our Crazy Uncle Al

Ya gotta love Al Gore. No, I mean it. Ya gotta love him to not want to kick the living crap out of him.

Case in point. Al shows up at his latest speech on “global warming” and ways to stop it, not in an electric car, bicycle or horse drawn cart, but in a parade of gas swilling luxury vehicles. In two Lincoln Town Cars and a Suburban rode his posse, who rested in comfort with their A/C units blasting environmental bliss, while Al blew hot gas out his pie hole.

At the podium, Al was singing the virtues of wind and solar, while decrying all use of fossil fuels. He particularly condemned oil, coal and natural gas, which, by my last recollection, fuels about 90% of our nations energy needs. Seems that ole Al thinks that wind and solar would be appropriate options.

Apparently Al wants us to spend a few trillion dollars re-wiring America so that his latest hallucinations can become a reality. Given the multi-millions Al has made selling his “carbon credits” to guilt ridden Limo and Lear Jet Liberals, one has to wonder just what stake ole Al has in his current psychotic episode.

My guess is Mr. Gore is planning on building a few batteries--the size of Nevada--to hold the energy generated by the solar and wind farms totally dependent upon the sun’s presence and weather conditions to be distributed on a 24 hr a day demand. Never mind that the loss converting AC power to DC for storage, then back to AC for consumption, then “line loss” distributing the power from coast to coast wouldn’t be sufficient to heat your latte.

But such technical details have never stopped ole Al before. Even after 31,000 scientists decried man’s contribution to “Global Warming”, mainstream media refuses to question the motives of the former vice president, who has turned an honorable environmental movement to clean up trash and toxic waste into a madman’s quest. Al’s blind ambition has already cost America billions, with no end in sight. And now he is moving to stage two.

The lunacy to Al’s plans are obvious. It’s the motives of those that continue to drink his Kool Aid that are in question. But hey, I could be wrong. The Dumbplumber.

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