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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dumbplumber as King #2

To continue the concept of Dumbplumber as King, it might be helpful to remember that, as we speak, we have two completely inept candidates vying for president. So, these two clowns prove that anything remains possible in our day and time.

Previously we took a glimpse of what our criminal justice system would look like under the Dumbplumber. Not a pretty sight, but not pretty for those on the wrong side of a bad situation. Now we should look at healthcare, another badly managed, self-inflicted obligation foisted on our nation.

Second only to Social Security, Medicare is the next albatross around the neck of American taxpayers. And like any other totally failed Federal agency, State sponsored medical coverage mirroring the Federal system is bankrupting individual states trying to emulate Big Brother.

The Problem: What began as a safety net for the “poor and trodden pipples” has turned into a huge cash cow for the healthcare industry. Instead of saving those faced with catastrophic illnesses through no fault of their own, we now reward the self-inflicted, who have spent a lifetime abusing themselves with drugs, alcohol, tobacco, poor diets and lack of exercise. So, under the Dumbplumber kingdom you will be expected to take better care of yourself in your early years or be left to take care of yourself later.

Add to that, we spend billions on treating AIDS victims world wide, when it is one of the most preventable diseases of all. And the prevention doesn’t cost either the potential victim nor the American taxpayer a penny. But oh nooooo, instead of mass education on the inevitable and tragic consequences of unprotected sex with an infected partner, do-gooders instead hand out condoms like Watchtower pamphlets only without nearly the same effectiveness.

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