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Friday, July 24, 2009

An Inconvenient Confusion

It never ceases to amaze me when politicians get their knickers in a wad trying to explain why solutions to problems are so very difficult because the problems are “complicated”. I disagree. Problems are only made “complicated” when ingredients to the problem’s recipe are made up of supporters or potential voters for the confounded politician. Memo to the “confused” elected leaders: The answers are simple, do the right thing. Stop CYA and you will be better for it.

Take healthcare for instance. The Pols are pixilated with how to pay for the NEW Healthcare Plan. To tax millionaires only or to lower the bar to $250,000 household incomes. The rest would come from the “savings from the yet to be described smoke and mirror disco moves” that will generate billions in savings.

Funny how we never look at the most costly drains on our problems before we start nibbling away at the taxpayers, who have contributed nothing to the problem. For instance trial lawyers take home some $500 billion annually in malpractice settlements and awards. Yes, that’s half a trillion for those of you already wondering what comes after a trillion.

Well, you would think that we--a rhetorical reference to our elected leaders--should be taking a look at why this piracy is allowed to continue. Also, waste, fraud and corruption accounts for about $50 billion annually, but you don’t hear any clarion calls for tougher penalties or focused efforts to nip that problem in the bud. But Nooooo. We just keep looking for more income instead of staunching the outgo.

Yes folks, as long as our elected officials are “confused” we will continue down the toilet bowl. Unfortunately, society is so busy debasing those with the simple answers-- because they hunt moose and fish with nets-- America will continue the march to a dismal destiny.

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