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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Whitehouse Wood Shed

Obama’s recent invite of Officer Crowley and Professor Henry Gates to the Whitehouse for a cold beer and some conversation, was probably the first logical, reasonable and ethical decision Barack has made since taking office. And while he was doing it for purely political reasons--like this blunder is killing me in the polls--it was still the first mano-a-mano moment since Jan. 26th, even though it was for all the wrong reasons.

Well why stop doing the right thing for the wrong reasons? How about we start doing the right thing for the right reasons?

For instance, why doesn’t Barack invite the head of the Indiana Teachers Pension Fund in to have a little chat with Turbo Tax Timmy Geithner about their getting the shaft when their investment in GM was ignored and they lost $6 million bucks in the “Prepackaged” GM Bankruptcy. Now I know that Six Very Large is small potatoes to a guy like Timmy, so we can step up and bring in the several billion denied thousands of bondholders shafted by this administration like operators at an elevator convention.

Or we could bring in Ron “Middlefinger” to explain why the UAW is going to receive about $6.5 billion from EVERY taxpayer to prop up his shortfall in the UAW Pension fund-- that everyone know is just a big piggy bank for the Mob--when only .0001percent of America is a member of the United Auto Workers. Or better yet, we could invite in a few dozen other Pension fund managers to get told why they didn’t receive a bailout as well.

We might as well bring in the American Bar Association to explain why it is that they are the biggest drain on the American Medical Industry, but aren’t even in the running for cuts to their income, which is reported to be somewhere north of $500 billion per year.

Oh hell yeah. Barack better get in touch with a few breweries if he plans on dragging in every offended, wrongly maligned and innocent victim of his grand schemes for a little chat and a beer. You ask the Dumbplumber, there isn’t enough beer in America for this bash.

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