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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Sarah, Say it ain’t So

Now, wait-a-hold-it a minute. Sarah Palin announces that she is stepping down as Alaska’s governor and the media goes bonkers. Political wonks on both sides of the isle quickly abandon HER prepared and carefully crafted remarks to speculate on her TRUE intentions. And one lonely serial complainer in Alaska is now out of a job, having spent much of the last year filing numerous, but baseless, ethics complaints, which all have found to be frivolous.

No folks, Sarah is doing the only thing a smart political operative can do, stop wasting Alaska’s money (and tell them so), step back take a deep breath and give the American electorate a swift kick right in the ass. Like Sarah said, “No more business as usual”.

Her prepared statement is cited here- But it hasn’t prevented the talking heads of proposing everything from her political obituary to a move for a presidential run in 2012.

I read the whole statement and it spells doom to many old style, hose the public, tax and spend, backroom dealing, business as usual professional politicians. But instead of offering up a reasonable explanation based upon her statement, as I write Cable News has scrambled their 1st stingers back from an early July 4th getaway, to grind out the reason’s de jour. Nevermind that her stated reasons are far more serious and dangerous to would-be political hacks than anything speculated so far.

No folks, Sarah figured out early on, what the rest of us should have figured out today. She doesn’t want Alaska to squander any more of their money fighting with uber-Liberals paid to destroy her at any cost, while she can make more money in two weekends making speeches(think $100k per Clinton sputum) than she can make all year as Governor. And, and this is a big “and”, she can do this while flying all over the U.S.--not just Moose Jaw, Alaska--selling her vision of Conservative America.

A vision, I might add, that might just be the savior of the Greatest Country

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