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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

California: Eureka, I have Found It

Eureka, I have figured it out! It wasn’t easy though. I, quite by accident, shot off my mouth, when ANOTHER Republican fund raising robo-caller
darkened my phone line. He went into his prepared script, spouting conservatism, calling for a halt to the Democrat scourge, decrying the Obama machine, begging for anti-Liberal dollars, groveling to stop the madness in Sacramento.

That’s when it hit me. I told my new robo-friend, “Screw em, bankrupt the sucker, start over“. “Oooooh noooo“, says my new friend “We can’t let that happen“.

“Why the hell not“, says me. “We could start over, rewriting every contract we have in the state. Renegotiate every entitlement obligation, every lease, bring down every retirement package that is in the stratosphere, reign back every union pay and benefit package into low orbit, negate every idiotic environmental provision that has halted business in California“. We could stop the lunacy and kickstart California back into the right direction. Because the direction we have been going for the last 20 years or so is straight down.

Bankruptcy isn’t just an option, it is the only option for our success. And here is the kicker. Obama has just opened the door for this option, with the bankruptcy of GM and Chrysler. A prepackaged option that would keep the doors open while we burn a few creditors, suppliers and employees for the common good. Nothing would stop this dead bang winner, but the lack of will to do it. Whodathunkit?

Yes my friends, If we bankrupted California today, we could be seeing green tomorrow. If it was good enough for GM, it’s good enough for us. They say you can eat an elephant if you take one bite at a time. But you can’t save California by nibbling around the edges. You need to cut off the rotting tumor with one fell swoop, then begin the healing.

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