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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Obama Keeping His Promise

We are often told that life is a stage. I say Horse Hockey. It may have been a stage at one time, because a stage usually has three acts and an ending. But there never has been a stage, a play or even a sideshow like we are seeing today.

No, over last 8 months life has been more like a parade, just one jumbo elephant turd after another mucking up the “Acts” trying to get down the street. And in this parade there is quite a cast of characters mumbling, stumbling and trying to scrape the dung off their boots every few steps.

It is alleged that P.T. Barnum said, “there’s a sucker born every minute”, but he never lived to see the FUBAR we are witnessing today. It appears that over a hundred million of these “suckers” signed on to the absurd promises, the twisted hyperbole, the impossible prognostications of a man that would say absolutely anything to get elected….knowing that his words were as empty as the heads of those supporting him. I particularly liked the part how he promised he wasn’t going to raise taxes.

Whether is was the $787 billion dollar “Porkulus Bill”, the Auto Bailout, or the repeated Citibank and AIG bailouts, taxpayers were left holding the bag for trillions, under the guise of urgency, be-damned bankruptcy and reason.

Now, that the ink has yet to dry on those boondoggles, we are being told that Healthcare is on the verge of bankrupting us, so we must insure everyone on the taxpayer’s back in order to save America. Nevermind that this monumental exercise in deception is bogged down in Yak guano in the bowels of Congress, our Leader is up in the U.N. telling the world that America is going to the mat to fight “climate change”(formerly called global warming, but was changed when it was discovered that over the past 10 years the earth has been cooling).

What is amusing is that for someone that has sided with the “environmental evolutionists” he is going to stop an environment that has been changing for billions of years.

Far be it from me to attempt to stop this exercise in futility. I just sit back and enjoy the parade knowing I will insure that he keeps at least one of his promises.

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