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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Palin Rx

A lot of fun is being had at the expense of Sarah Palin. Indeed, the Letterman elitists, the Beverly Hills Crybabies and Ivy League snobs barely hold a candle to the treatment she receives from the Wall Street cabal infested with the overeducated, underachieving trust fund babies who have bought and paid for the Republican Party. A party that has hijacked the term “Conservative“, but can barely explain what it means.

Unfortunately, real Conservatives DO know what it means and in the words of Inigo Montoya, “it doesn’t mean what they think it means”.

No, Sarah Palin has been the pinata of everyone scared shitless that she has connected with middle America and those of us on both ends of the country that believe in our Constitution, limited government, lower taxes, personal responsibility and sanctity of life.

She has pixilated mass media Liberals, who relish at the notion of shutting down talk radio and cable news, not toting the Party line. And her recent endorsement of the Tea Party activists and vows to support Conservatives has the Republicans wetting their panty hose over a Third Party surge that ended up putting Bill Clinton on Pennsylvania Avenue instead of Bush 41.

But the Dumbplumber doesn’t believe, for a minute, that Palin would pull a Ross Perot in 2012. She doesn’t have to. All she has to do is liberate the Republican Party. Sure, there would be some resistance, but who would really notice if the RINOs just pulled in their horns and wandered across the isle to join with the losers they have been accommodating for years. It would be easy. Just hand pick real Conservatives and invite the others to leave the room.

You see, the answers to today’s problems aren’t “complicated” they aren’t “complex”, they aren’t even “hard”. What they are, are painfully simple if you apply basic principles, reason, logic and a little sugar to help the medicine go down. And that is where Dr. Palin comes in. She’s the sugar, government is the ailment and you are the cure. And once America figures this out, Big Government will be in remission and recovery in sight.

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