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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Random Thoughts

It is so amusing to witness the early moves by politicians who are eying a White House run in 2012. Other than Mitt Romney, who has been running since 2006, Tim Pawlenty has made his initial moves to put together a campaign staff. Well my friends, Tim Pawlenty has a wake up call coming.

You see, Tim is like a high school football quarterback warming up on one side of the field, who looks to the other side and sees Brett Favre in lipstick and high heels doing his nails on the other.

And on an unrelated subject, Iranian President for Life, Dinner-Jacket-and-a-Job, is officially thanking ACORN for his recent win in the Iranian national elections. Seems that he hired ACORN to register voters, kept them on as polling monitors(jack boots and all) then commissioned them to count the ballots. High kudos to ACORN for their capable and guaranteed win in a well fought election.

Too bad he couldn’t have kept them around to carry the bodies of the campaign protestors off the streets.

Caution to the IOC during the pending visit by Michele and Barack to Denmark pushing the Chicago hosting of the 2016 Olympics.

First, when a fleet of D.C. jets collect on your runways to promote an athletic event in Chicago, pay attention. They aren’t there for the children, they’re there for the money.

Second, when you get between a Chicago politician and his money, you will be lucky to end up the puck in one of the hockey games.

No, this is NOT a joke.

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