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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Arizona Blowback

In the words of my hero, Marion Morrison (aka John Wayne): “Wahl Pilgrim, what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander”.

If a federal judge in Arizona says that States cannot enforce Federal laws, then I guess that Counties and Cities can’t either. Time to draw a line in the sand. Time to make D.C. eat some crow.

Let’s see now, bank robbing is a Federal Law. Let the Feds handle it. From now on, if you see a robbery in progress, offer them a ride. They might give you a tip, especially if you’re in a low rider, with your umba-pa going.

Like a nice new shiny FBI, US Forest Service or IRS Escalade, Lincoln or Chevy pickup? No problemo. Just find one with the keys inside at a crime scene, gas station or job site and help yourself. Local yokels and County Mounties have no jurisdiction, let the Feds deal with it.

Need some timber for that new lodge or just to make a few extra bucks? Just fire up the Homelite or Stihl and drop all the old growth you need and haul them away. No need to fear a Fed showing up, because they’re all out looking for their missing trucks.

So, uncle Bernie is investing his millions in gold coins, (“hawked” by Vinnie on T.V.) and having them delivered by the Post Office. Hell yeah, just drive by Bernie’s mailbox a few times until that plain brown wrapper arrives and ‘Ca-Ching‘, it’s pay day. It’s only 175 miles to the nearest FBI office, but their Chevy Suburbans are up on blocks being “redistributed” to the more needy

But not to worry, our president and his Justice Department leaders all have 24/7 bodyguards, chauffeurs and other assorted security to protect THEIR stuff, so: Nothing to see here, move along.

Yessir, this whole Federal Law stuff should make our future, if not less secure, at least a whole lot more interesting. Now all I have to do is change my name to Juan Garcia, so I can get in line for my entitlements. Sorry, gotta go. Just saw a primo Silverado with my name on it

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