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Thursday, August 26, 2010

It’s Your Party

A crumbling economy, ballooning debt, omnipresent taxes, oppressive regulations, a rabid Congress and crowing Administration are all center stage for an upcoming disaster reality show…..The Crushing of America.
Every time I see Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Charlie Rangel or, yes, even John McCain I want, not to take a shower, but get exfoliated.

But hey, what’s the downside? Well, we could re-elect the “Jackwagons” that brought us here, for a start. Oh yeah, let’s send back the “professional” politicians to, not just finish the job, but peddle off the crumbs, when the cake is gone. And the sad part is that in some quarters the voters are doing that very thing. It is however one thing to elect someone who knows where the congressional bathrooms are. It is quite another to return the same folks that are putting our future into the toilet.

On the other hand, as an eternal optimist, I submit that the right, charismatic, conservative, with a compliant Congress and some common sense could turn our situation around, on a dime, and give us 5 cents change. Yes Pilgrims, 20% of our malaise is due to government intrusion and self inflicted, nonsensical depression, while 80% is voter incompetence, self-delusion and the antipathy of voting against the entitlement self interest. Yes, we have painted ourselves into a fiscal corner, because we didn’t stop the entitlement gravy train long ago.

But all is not lost. Studies show that the ballot box isn’t visited by nearly the number of “entitled” as by the hard working taxpaying patriots. So, our salvation is at the ballot box, not in the corridors of today’s Congress. If you’re tired of being used like a two dollar hooker, you might show up at the next election and exercise the only power you have left. That is unless you are the Left and then you can just stay home and keep cashing those entitlement checks and working on picking your next tattoo.

After November, you have no one else to blame but yourselves for the inevitable train wreck. Everything you need to know is available, right now, in print or online. You just have to pull your head from your posterior and separate the political self-interest from your self-interest. Vote for your future, not a politicians.


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