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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Darwin Race for Politics

Again and again we have been entertained and enlightened by the International Darwin Awards, where candidates and their final bad judgments are posted for all to see. Like the guy who won his bet with friends by putting a half loaded revolver in his mouth and pulling the trigger. (It’s a safe bet that Devil Liquor was involved)

However, we have ignored, for way too long, the Darwin Awards for really stupid politicians, who are determined to put America somewhere south of Rwanda for economic development, defense and spending taxpayer money. Therefore, it should not go without notice that Dumbplumber awards the Political Darwin Award to:

Nancy Pelosi: Who single-handedly culminated everything that’s wrong with Congress, when she announced that, “Congress had to vote for Obamacare before they could read it“. The really surreal thing about this is that 534 members of congress didn’t have a vote to have the Nan removed from her office in a straightjacket and sent to a secure facility for the insane.

John McCain: He made the unforgivable mistake of introducing the world to Sarah Palin, but has returned to hugging and kissing on his colleagues, like someone returning to summer camp in the Catskills. Nevermind that he and most of his contemporaries were ankle deep in the run-up to the crash of ‘08 and a virtually silent thumb sucking partner to Pelosi’s Big Grab of ’06.

Of course we can’t ignore the lefty loons, Anthony Weiner and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who also take the “most obnoxious T.V. guest awards” for their rambling, incoherent, but overly zealous cheerleading of everything Obama.

The entire Democrat and elite Republican leadership, who agree on one thing: Sarah Palin’s ingrained belief that smaller government, lower taxes and regulation, more personal responsibility, accountability to the voters and firm belief in a supreme Creator is enough reason to declare her unfit for higher office.

About the only difference in the Political Darwin Award is that the ones being eliminated are those being ‘represented‘. Dumbplumber

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