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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Snakeoil Obama

Well, our White House Snake Oil salesman backed his wagon up to Capitol Hill and again yammered on and on for over an hour about a lot of things he knows little or nothing about. Now to be honest, Dumbplumber didn’t watch the SOTU speech, but he didn’t need to. He was getting his nails done, trimming his beard and did a little exfoliating. SOTU is a perfect time to spruce one’s self up, especially if Dog Whisperer isn’t on.

When the Socialist Pitch Man was done, it wasn’t so much about what he said, but what he didn’t say. Meanwhile he was burning up his Thesaurus like nobody’s business. Nowhere to be heard were the terms “stimulus”, “unions”, “bailouts” or “more regulation”. Instead we were bombarded with “investment”, “reform”, “clean energy” and “spending restraint”. Like this isn’t all about re-election.

Also out is “shovel ready projects”; in is “infrastructure investment” (short for the ‘shovel ready projects’ that didn’t get built by the unions the first or second time around). And don’t forget PayGo, which was dead the moment Pelosi uttered it.

The big ugly festering boil of the speech was the “Green Energy” tri-fecta of Wind, Solar and Bean Fart technology. Well, bean farts are new and have taken the place of ‘clean coal’, because you can shut down coal mines, but you will never stop bean farts. They are 24/7, night or day, rain or shine, wind or calm. But like dragging your feet on carpet, bean farts could make electricity, only you don’t know what to do with it, when it’s made.

Then take Obama’s electric cars….please. If you live in a rural area, in a Red State west of the Mississippi, or basically north of the Mason Dixon Line geographically, you might want to think twice about one of these ‘Green‘ atrocities. Your 60 to 100 mile radius drops dramatically when your heater, wipers and lights are on and is virtually nonexistent, when you are sitting in a blizzard burning up your mileage to keep from freezing to death.

Yes Sir. Nothing was accomplished at the SOTU. But when this Snake Oil merchant isn’t doing anything, it’s a good thing. Now we just have to undo most of what he’s done so far. Dumbplumber

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