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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Who Fears Sarah?

Well, with all the 24/7/365 brouhaha that has been generated about Sarah Palin, one has to wonder, what in Heaven’s name has this woman done to anyone that deserves this much air time, printers ink and expenditure of vitriol. I mean serial killers, Ponzi scheme billionaires and mass murdering dictators don’t get this much attention. No, this is about clammy hands, dry mouth, sphincter puckering, cold, unadulterated fear. So what’s the deal?

It is common knowledge, that Sarah Palin is a threat to those that criticize her. However, it didn’t occur to me until recently just who “THEY” are. Perhaps it’s more important to see who “THEY” aren’t first.

We should realize that “THEY” are not the Liberals stomping around America with Hate Palin signs or long standing Republicans still reminiscing about Dwight Eisenhower. She is not only NOT a threat to them, but they would probably be in total agreement with her on most subjects, were her name not Sarah Palin.

Hollywood isn’t threatened by Palin, because with or without her they will continue to make crap movies and pass them off as entertainment. And the stars, no matter how detached from reality, will continue to be treated as some kind of modern day Gods. So why do they hate her so much? Barbara Streisand has more to fear from a mirror than Sarah Palin

And what of 99% of the print Media? The Associated Press, The New York Times and their ‘trickle down’ sycophants across America who repeat the Palin attacks, without question, without fact checking, without historical reference and without conscience or consideration for the rest of her family, and more importantly without a hint of balance, as to comparable perceived slights by the Left, ignore that they have invested so much in crushing Sarah Palin’s image that they have forfeited any rights to journalistic credibility, if they ever held them.

So what of the MSM talking heads? Katie Couric, Brian Williams and Diane Sawyer have nothing to fear from Palin, other than wrath for treating her like crap. And we would be remiss if we neglected the Left Wing blogs, where once good, then fair, then mediocre writers go to wither on the vine , then die.
As best as I can tell, Palin has done nothing but cheer and promote adherence to the Constitution, lower taxes, personal responsibility and faith in a higher being. Therefore she is already 50% opposite Louis Farrakhan and diametrically opposite the President, so with Obama’s 47% approval, she should have at least a 53% approval rating….Right! Go figure.

Perhaps then, we should look further up the food chain for who fears Palin.

I believe you are just beginning to get warm when you get to the U.S. Congress, those that love them and those that pull their strings. Which, you would think, would be the perfect enemy of both the Left and Right. But nooooo, most of them think Palin is Huey Long, Lizzy Borden and Tammy Faye Bakker, all rolled into one.

Well now that we’ve peeled back the ‘Have Not’s’, let’s take a look at the Have’s, who’ve a vested interest in shoving Sarah Palin into the dustbin of history: How about the President, the ‘Establishment-Entrenched’ politicians (both Left and Right), Big Oil, OPEC, Kst. (from end to end) and their clients, One World Government advocates, “Big Green” and let’s not forget George Soros, who is the Puppet and Pay Master for many of the above. Now we’re getting somewhere.

You see, Sarah is a threat NOT because she is a hard working, non-ivy league educated, moose killing, pom-pom waving, God fearing, Red blooded, patriotic American. She is feared because more of America identifies with her than identify with those that fear her. And therein lies the rub. She is everything most voting America cherishes and nothing like those that control America. And she was all those things right up to and until she signed on with John McCain, when, with a slight pause, the “Establishment Machine” went to work massaging her image.

So America, your first impressions were correct. Only after Madison Ave., the MSM, the Liberal blogs, Hollywood and Print Media got finished, you didn’t recognize what you already knew. Sarah Palin was the real deal, she was you and still is, and you will be gambling your future if you bet against her. Dumbplumber

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