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Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Dumbplumber is Tired

Yes, the Dumbplumber is tired. He’s tired because a good friend mentioned yesterday that ‘he’ was tired also. Oh, not tired in the physical sense, but rather tired mentally from fending off Liberals on an endless quest for Socialism.

He’s tired of Liberals pissing on him and telling him it’s raining. Tired of listening to Liberal talking heads condemning Conservatives of some perceived social injustice then cheering Liberal leaders for the same offense. Tired of having to explain Econ 101 every day to those that cheer an unsustainable path of governance over an electorate too stupid to vote them out.

He’s tired of George W. Bush being bashed for Iraq and Afghanistan wars, then Obama being ignored for continuing both; tired of listening to a President who freely interchanges the word ‘spend’ with the word ‘invest’ and ‘union’ with ’labor’ or ‘jobs’ , especially when the ‘investment’ is going to less than 18% of America in the name of ‘jobs‘. He’s tired of explaining the Constitution, common sense and logic to someone who graduated 325th of their class, majoring in Women’s Lit and Unicorn Grooming.

Dumbplumber is particularly tired of witnessing about half of the country condemn one person, at the behest of a few squawking heads on Liberal television and the Hollywood illuminati, when the “condemned” sounds a whole lot more like the condemners sitting around their kitchen tables, than those doing the complaining. But hey, that’s just me. He’s also tired of candidates co-opting a popular Conservative movement, just to get elected, then climb in bed with establishment leaders for business as usual.

He’s tired of explaining what the word “unsustainable” means. And finally, he’s tired of promoting Smaller Government, Lower Taxes, Personal Responsibility and Adherence to the Constitution, then witnessing the exact opposite by those that should know better. He might as well be building sand castles in front of a rising tide. It’s enough to discourage any flag-waving patriotic American, much less than the likes of the Dumbplumber.

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