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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Parasites Unite

So who would have thought, two weeks ago, that Wisconsin would be the first State to go “Egypt” over their public sector pay and benefit packages? To be more specific, excepting police and firemen, the unsustainable “defined benefit” pensions and Rolls Royce health plans are facing the axe in the “Forward State“. Who could have predicted the hypocrisy, the irony and the sanctimonious un-holiness of the blathering bloodsuckers that have invaded the Statehouse in Madison.

You see, even the lowliest parasite knows that it’s a fool’s errand to kill the host. And in this case, the Wisconsin taxpayers, last November, figured out that they were in a losing battle with the financial fiasco that is the public employee packages, that were extracted through what is affectionately referred to as “collective bargaining”.

In fact, if they ever decide to delete “armed robbery” and “extortion” from the dictionary, Webster could quite easily insert “collective bargaining” without any contradiction whatsoever.

Wisconsin’s governor is now at the epicenter of a storm brewing throughout most of the “57” states and the common denominator, not mentioned, in them are these unsustainable pay and benefit packages, secured for them by union thugs, more concerned with power and greed than keeping the Host alive and well. And the first symptom of the coming epidemic is, unfortunately, the Cheese Head State, where union supporters celebrate over 50 years of union organizing.

So impressed with the state employee protests, the Community Organizer-in-Chief is cheering them on as beacons of the Democratic process. However, he might have forgotten that last November was the Democratic process. Today it’s the union thug process, in which, victory will spell disaster for the State.

You see, as so appropriately addressed by MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, “this isn’t about worker’s rights. It’s about math“. You don’t kill the Host.

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