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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So, what do WE think?

So, what do WE think, about the Madness in Madison, we know what the pundits think. We know what the protestors think, because they have made their incoherent comments painfully unclear on the air. We know what the MIA Democrats think, because they have phoned in from their roving motherships, somewhere in Illinois.

And we know what the Governor and remaining State senators think, because they have clearly stated their predicament, objectives and remedies, then patiently await to do the job the majority of voters sent them to do last November.

No, the question here is, what do WE think. That is if we have the ability to arrive at conclusions on our own, without the “talking points” handed down by Obama, his Organizing for America, and the union hacks(threatened with extinction if their sacred cow is gored by those tired of force-feeding it and them with cash).

It will be Wisconsin, not New Jersey, California, Florida or New York to tip over first, on their perch in the insolvency coal mine. And their collective deaths cannot be blamed on foreign wars, the military industrial complex or Wall Street “fatcats“. Their demise will be historically linked to public employee unions, “collective bargaining”, gold plated healthcare benefits and the mother of all societal suicides the “defined benefit pension plans”.

You see, unlike Washington D.C., the states cannot simply print money to cover up their fiscal foolishness. They must raise taxes and/or rob the non-union private sector until Madison happens. And as you can see Madison has happened.

And try as they may to obscure their “extorted” pay and benefits with demands for debate with tepid concessions, offers to “sit down at the table” and claims that collective bargaining is a “civil right“, in the end it is five decades of abuse of 90% of Wisconsin taxpayers by 10 % of the public sector union employees that has brought Madison to its knees. And no amount of protest, abandonment of duty, flagrant violation of law, placard threats or union goons will ever change that.

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