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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dear Classic Trucks

After much irritation and annoyance....The Dumbplumber finally blows a gasket.

To: Classic Trucks
P.O. Box 420251
Palm Coast, Fl. 32142-7251

Gentlemen: I have stopped my home based plumbing business, come into my house, turned on my laptop and put on hold everything I was doing to draft this letter of notice.

Enclosed is my check #2425 for one years subscription, a copy of last summer’s invoice, this year’s “service interruption” notice, along with your “Urgent” notice of interruption and an additional call for me to up the ante to a 2 year subscription to avoid this repeat next year.

Well folks, this is what I’ve been waiting for.

By your own admission, you have been sending me the subscription alerts since Sept. (five months). I would have you notice that my last subscription was paid by a check dated July 19, 2010, which meant that I had probably only received the August issue before you started carpet bombing me with subscription requests last Sept.

Well, last month I had had enough and finally located your phone number in your magazine, since you fail to include it with your notices. Please note also that, as I told your nice young man, “Raoul“(or what the hell ever his name is) “Classic Trucks” does NOT appear in the Palm Coast, Florida phone book, or information for that matter. Raoul calmly told me that every subscriber gets the notices, when there is a sale. Ok, I bought that.

But today’s notice of interruption in March, (by my count, a full 5 months prior to my 12th issue) blew that out of the water. Therefore, I am keeping copies of all this info, for future reference and sending you a check for 12 months instead of the 24. When you figure out that “Our Years” are 12 months long you will get a check for 24 months. Additionally, I am posting this all on my website for all to see. Get your act together down there.

A really pissed off Subscriber

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