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Friday, December 23, 2011

The Big Game

It came to me in the wee hours that the financial predicament we are facing may just well have a metaphoric comparison that we can understand, even if the Fed and our political leaders do not.

Congress, the President and the Fed have taken a ‘hike’ from the five yard line and have thrown a ‘Hail Mary’ pass from the end zone. So far, it isn’t about who is going to catch it. It’s about how high it was thrown; how far it was thrown; how many slo-mo shots will be taken of it in the air; how many time outs will be called while it’s in the air; how many commercials (fiddling by Congress) will run after the throw and whether or not the game will be called because of weather before the ball is caught.

About the only things for certain are: The game will NEVER end; the ball will never be caught (because it was never intended to be caught) and the spectators are trapped in the stadium, because the doors were nailed shut after kickoff.

But not to worry, no matter what you had when you got to the game, you won’t have it if you are ever allowed to leave.

We are So Screwed,

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