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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Getting Hosed

Let me get this straight, everyone in power professes that we must honor the Constitution. Okay, let’s review.

The President is using his Cabinet and agencies as a cudgel to bludgeon commerce into submission, beating them like a drum with higher taxes, an endless permitting process, and onerous environmental regulations. Meanwhile, he has taken to military actions without congressional approval, spending billions pounding foreign military dictators into submission, so that the Muslim Brotherhood can take control of contested countries.

Congress, on the other hand, (which hasn’t passed a budget for almost three years) makes itself busy passing Spending Bills and semi-monthly Continuing Resolutions to keep the paychecks flowing and the Party going, between rounds of faux-arguments over raising the Debt Ceiling and ‘manufactured’ outrage over out of control spending, lack of border control, blatant voter fraud and unsustainable entitlements. But there’s nothing to see here. Everything is under control.

Meanwhile, Appellate Courts are ruling in favor of MORE spending, LESS personal responsibility and absolutely NO adherence to the Constitution. And those nine Ninnies on the Supreme Court are hearing landmark cases years after the damage has been done and hundreds of billions have gone out the door, at the expense of taxpayers. Oops, we bad. Where, pray tell, do I go to get my taxes back?

Nevermind that nowhere within the confines of Washington D.C., do we hear the words, “$100 trillion dollars in Debt and Unfunded Liabilities”.

We hear instead: It’s tax the rich, (even though it’s been established that, if you took all the wealth from the top 5% of the wealthy, it would run our government for less than eleven months), give it to the poor (that over 50% of which have refrigerators, televisions, tattoos and cell phones), build government (which gets 30 to 60 percent higher wages and benefits than the private sector). And the 800 lb gorilla in the room, extend unemployment benefits into the infinity and beyond. What could possibly go wrong?

In short, “We are so Screwed”.

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