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Saturday, December 03, 2011



We hear so much about “compromise” and “consensus” these days, it must not occur to anyone that compromise and consensus is what brought us to this dance. The rocket scientists on Capitol Hill all agree that the “system is broken” but no one admits that they are the ones responsible for fixing it.

Let‘s all agree, Congress holds the purse strings of government. Check. Congress keeps raising the debt ceiling. Check. Congress continues to spend money well beyond the amount received in taxes. Check. Congress hasn’t produced a budget in over two years. Check. Instead Congress authorizes what is described as “continuing resolutions”, which is no where to be found in our Constitution. Check.

The President directs the agencies of government to do what He wants in spending their budgets. Check. The President directs the U.S. Treasury to backfill the spending shortfall by selling U.S. Debt to countries like China and Saudi Arabia, who really don’t like us very much. Check. The U.S. is currently borrowing about $1.5 trillion a year, or 40% of every dollar we spend. Check.

Everyone agrees that ‘excessive’ regulations stymie private enterprise and therefore discourage business, which results in lower tax revenue. Check.

However, these agencies continue to churn out over 90,000 pages of regulations each year, not one of which stimulates commerce. Check. But Congress nor the Administration has done anything to eliminate or even slow the tidal wave of regulations. Check.

Liberals believe that we can spend our way to prosperity, by borrowing money from our enemies and giving it to the unemployed, the disabled (no matter the level of disability), grifters, scammers and anybody else sucking at the government teat that will vote Democrat. Check.

Republicans (note how I did not say Conservatives) believe that expanding the tax base, by encouraging business through relaxing excessive regulations and lowering taxes, while cutting expenses is the most efficient way to prosperity. However “both” parties continue to give away taxpayer money to Agriculture, Manufacturing and Energy to maintain their campaign cash flow and voting blocks. Check.

Voting Americans continue to re-elect Congressmen, Senators and Presidents, who maintain this status quo. Check.

We are so Screwed. Double Check and Checkmate.


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