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Friday, December 23, 2011

I Had a Dream

I had a dream this morning (actually a day dream). I dreamt that after Mitt Romney secured the Republican nomination (after the Dems had eliminated everyone else), Sarah Palin glommed onto the also-rans and mounted a Conservative Party challenge to the Brylcreem RINO candidate. I saw Allan West as VP, Newt as Secretary of State, Cain at Commerce, Bachmann at Justice and Paul Ryan at Treasury.

I also saw Huntsman as a tour director at the Tabernacle, Ron Paul as the ’Nurse Ratched’ at a Texas loon bin and Rick Perry as Texas Governor (anything else just isn’t big enough).

The long and short of it is a political apocalypse. Mittens wouldn’t know what hit him. It would be a ‘Mission to Save America’ from itself.

Palin mounts the stage with her team of committed conservatives and lays out the plan to save America, after telling us just how screwed we are. She would cite chapter, line and verse of our situation and point her finger at those that brought us to this dance. No sitting politician, banker or lobbyist, involved with our demise, would be spared. No vote would be asked for that didn’t come with a pledge to purge the rolls of Wall Street, Congress and Kst lobbying firms of the vermin that has put America on the brink of disaster.

I see the masses coming together, once they realize their plight, in groups that would need ten Super Bowl stadiums to seat. The roar of outrage would be deafening. America would mobilize to end the madness and send the Liberals, RHINOs and Socialists packing to the darkness of the cracks from where they came.

Uh, uh, uh. Harumpfh, snarful, kerpiffle. Sorry about that. Remember it was just a dream.

We are so Screwed, Dumbplumber

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