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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Posting the Obvious

Seems that the government bean counters have discovered that Amtrak is running in the red, because of ‘waste, fraud and abuse’. Whoa, stop the presses. Meanwhile, Social Security, (under SSI) is hundreds of billions out of round, because of waste, fraud and abuse. Nevermind that Medicaid under Medicare is also hundreds of billions in the hole because of…….wait for it….. ‘waste, fraud and abuse’.

Nevermind that not a year goes by that we don’t hear that every department of every Cabinet position is rife with waste, fraud and abuse, but we continue with the same administrations, the same bureaucrats and the same personnel, but we expect things to get better. Yup, me too.

And whether it was NASA, military prototype equipment or mandated Green technologies, every audit reveals billions in waste, fraud and abuse. Of course corruption enters into all of these, but that requires useless, endless, pointless Congressional hearings where bad guys lawyer-up and avoid useless, pointless, endless questions from politicians that don’t know squat about the subject of the hearings.

And we mustn’t forget our military installations all round the world, their daily support and associated whiffle-wars, where we kill a bunch of whacko nut bags and maybe a bloody dictator or two, all-the-while….you got it, ‘wasting, frauding and abusing‘.

Then, as if we haven’t pissed away enough of hard working taxpayer money, we dump more billions into the coffers of despots, dictators and tyrants, with little oversight and no, repeat, no accountability. I’ll leave it up to you whether it was waste, fraud, abuse, or just plain stupid. You pick.

Dumbplumber is beginning to see a pattern here.

But not to worry, we just keep jacking up the limit on our Chinese backfilled credit card. What could possibly go wrong?


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