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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Screwing with the Supremes

Has anyone else but me noticed that our Judicial system is way behind the curve, and the 8 Ball as well. I mean just look at this:

In ‘09 Obama and Congressional Democrats shove through a $800 billion dollar stimulus bill and then handed out the proceeds to state employees, union goons, union contractors and other assorted Friends-of-Obama. Taxpayers revolted and began lawsuits challenging legality of this action.

Obama mandates No Drilling in the Gulf, so Texas, Mississippi and Alabama filed lawsuits to overturn the order.

Arizona, threatened with illegal immigration, decides unilaterally to enforce federal laws. Obama sues to deny them authority.

Congress, against the wishes of America and under control of Democrats, passes Obamacare, without bothering to read the Bill. Now dozens of states file suit against the new law in general and the Individual Mandate (forced purchase of Obamacare) in particular.

And most recently, Obama orders a “birth control mandate” under new HHS rules, even if it offends religious organizations, schools and churches as well as violates the Constitution. This mandate includes free birth control pills, abortion and ‘Day-After’ pills. Seven states have now signed on to a lawsuit to end the practice.

And the list goes on. Now to the point. The lawsuits against Obama, his henchmen and Cabinet officials are legion. But time has shown us that not ONE of these lawsuits have been adjudicated successfully, nay but one has found its way to the Supreme Court. And this is 2012!

In a matter of days, Obama and Company can hand down mandates, directives, laws and regulations that it takes, not months, but years to hear at the High Court. This Administration is a living, breathing, walking, talking lawsuit machine that will not be stopped. For if you win one battle, another dozen actions are in the hopper to be foisted upon unsuspecting citizens.

So don’t be shocked when the Supremes, reviewing twisted decisions of the past, draft decisions unrecognizable under our Constitution.  We are so Screwed.

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