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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

V-tude Rules

We all know that verisimilitude (suspension of disbelief) plays a huge part in our love of movies. I like to refer to it as ‘V-tude’. It is why we yearn to soar with ET, to ‘free dive’ with Ed Harris into the Abyss, or even join Wilford Brimley and Don Ameche when their cabin cruiser is drawn up into the Alien Mothership, in Cocoon. The endorphins usually remain during your walk back to the car, but the fading memories may last for weeks.

But what of the feelings you get when some politician has blown these same endorphin laced gases up your skirt during a campaign? You know like the ones Obama blew when I first saw him speak in Springfield, Illinois, back in 2007, when he launched his ‘Hope and Change’ traveling smokescreen.

The difference is that once you walk away from the movie, you keep the memories, but discard the endorphins. However, with politicians like Obama, you get weekly reinforcements, like fixes from a drug dealer. But just like the friendly drug dealer, the fixes keep getting bigger and more expensive. This is where we are with Mr. Obama. He has, through a compliant Congress and his bus load of Czars, implemented the largest transformation of government and transfer of wealth in American history. Question is, who is paying for the fixes?

Unfortunately, in the age of 24 hr. Cable News, Twitter and Facebook, Vtude doesn’t hold up very well. Folks soon discover that what you said just weeks ago doesn’t jive with what you did last Friday night, before you jetted off to Chicago for a $500,000 pizza.

After you have failed to fill up their car, secure their job and even let their house go into foreclosure, they begin to lose that lovin’ feeling. Many begin to believe that they have been scammed for their one vote, no matter how much the MSM tries to cover up your snow-job.

You see pilgrims, the difference between political endorphins and movies is that with movies you get popped-corn but in politics you get ‘corn-holed‘.

We are So Screwed. Dumbplumber