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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Now What?

Well those pesky 2014 midterms are over, now what?  With all the pandering, pontificating and political maneuvering, one would think that nirvana is just around the corner.  One would think that reason, common sense and responsibility is about to set in and America can start to heal and rebuild from years of Liberal abuse and neglect. 

One would think that the new Congress would get to work passing the over 300 bills crammed in Harry Reid’s desk.  But I believe ‘One’ would be wrong. 

I will reduce my observations down to so simple a list that any ass-backwards idiot can understand it:

How long will it take the New Congress to shrink the size of government? Now I don’t mean just the flotsam and jetsam bloat of the Pink Elephant, Affordable Care Act.  I mean reducing the entire federal government by the 20% it has ballooned to since the Lawn-Jockey-in-Chief parked his patent leather dress shoes on the “Resolute” desk in the Oval Office. 

How long will it take to the New Congress to begin rolling back the tax increases?   How long will it take before Congress begins to adhere to the U.S. Constitution, that they swore to uphold when they took office?

And how long is it going to take for the New Congress to send a message to America’s loafers that the gravy train is over?  How long before the New Congress stands before the cameras and tells all of America that the age of Personal Responsibility has arrived? 

So, while all you RINO douche nozzles regale in the midterm successes, I am sitting in my comfort zone, sipping on some single malt and awaiting the above changes. 

Mind you, I will not hold my breath while I’m waiting.  I have far less confidence in John Boehner and Mitch McConnell than you do.

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