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Sunday, November 09, 2014

Pot Calling the Kettle

Choke on This

FEMA is asking disabled, elderly residents to repay aid given them after superstorm Sandy.  Yes, this would be the same folks from Belle Harbor Manor, who spent four miserable months being shuffled around to emergency shelters, after surge waters flooded them out of their assisted living shelter in Rockaway, New York. 

And given that they didn’t squander their few thousand dollars on hookers, gambling in Atlantic City or tattoo parlors, I say they should give the money back.  Hell, who needs food, medicine and clothing after a natural disaster, when you have FEMA taking care of you?

No sir, if you’re gonna insist on them giving back the money, well then I have another short list of scofflaws that should give back as well, and long before the aged and disabled have to.

We can start with the $300 to $400 billion a year defrauded from Medicare and Medicaid.  And yes that number would easily pay an army of indigent detectives vast rewards for the effort.  Then we might ask Hillary Clinton to pony up the $6 billion unaccounted for over the past 5 years she was at the State Dept..  Nevermind the hundreds of billions lost to foreign aid, for countries that can’t find themselves on a map.

Then we might perform a little forensic auditing on the labor unions, who cannot account for hundreds of millions spent influencing elections and paying off goons, well beyond conducting political ads, or any other legitimate exercises in elections.  And it’s well beyond time to look into the spending of over 7 years of Continuing Resolutions, that have little or no accountability whatsoever.

And I would be remiss if we didn’t go after the Green Monster that has swindled hundreds of billions more from hard working taxpayer for energy boondoggles that boggle the mind and would have been nixed by any half competent Eight grader. 

Then and only then would I even begin to test the integrity of those shut-ins who look forward to Jello and Bingo as extravagant pastimes.

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