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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Rebuilding Ferguson

With all the hoopla, bomb throwing and car rolling, there isn’t much time left in the news cycle to highlight the real victims of Ferguson, Mo., the business owners who have been burned and demolished out of business, through no fault of their own. 

Those ambulance chasing attorney ads, the vacation spots in the Bahamas and a parade of free catheters for Medicare patients ads seem to block out any time for attention to the folks who have witnessed the total destruction of businesses they have spent years, even decades building, go up in smoke.

So where are the do-gooders when we need them.  Hell, Mark Zuckerberg could rebuild all of Ferguson out of his lunch money.  Amazon could deliver every scrap of construction material, on UPS, by tomorrow.  And Donald Trump could put it all together from the leftovers of one of his office towers in less than a week.  But what do we hear from these Putzes…..crickets!  Which is really sad because each and every one of these schmucks have the other's number on speed dial.

No sir, what it has taken the bus loads of rabble rousers, shipped in from the ghettos of nearby cities and incited by our der Leader weeks to accomplish, could all be rebuilt and back in business in a few days with the assets and resources of a few CEOs and their minions.  Of course firms like Blackwater would have to provide security, lest the local lowlifes would be perusing construction materials to return to Home Depot for cash refunds, to sustain their drug, tattoo and alcohol habits.  But hey, that cost would just be a rounding error for Blackwater.

Unfortunately, the MSM wouldn’t cover this event, like it didn’t cover the Bengazi hearings, the real reason Obama swapped high level Al Qaeda operatives for a deserter or the Machine Gun mouth of Jonathan Gruber, who spilled the proverbial truth behind Obamacare either. 

And I would be remiss if I didn't point out the denial of outrage from locals, when their rampage allows them to complain that nobody wants to rebuild in Ferguson, denying them somewhere to spend their EBT cards and ill gotten gains from drug dealing and welfare fraud.

But you can bet your last few megabytes of storage the Internet would be all over it.

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