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Saturday, November 01, 2014

Voting RINO

What Republicans Won’t Do

With all the blather running up to the November midterm elections, I thought it might be instructive to point out all the things Republicans won’t do if elected.  Oh, they talk a big game, with ending the war on women, securing the borders, stopping Ebola and cleaning up our voting fiascoes.  But what they really will do is nothing. 

Now that the assassination of Tea Party opponent’s characters are over in the primaries, the bullying of Conservatives into voting for RINOs is in full swing.  “What you gonna do, vote Democrat or just stay home and watch them win”, is now the mantra.  Yeah, like it’s going to make a difference once they’re elected.  

Take for instance, the Repeal of Obamacare.  According to many sitting Republicans Obamacare is here to stay…in one form or another.  Forget that it is nothing that was represented to us to get it passed.  Forget that it is bankrupting many hospitals, insurance companies and letting the most vulnerable twist in the wind, waiting for treatment.  It is here to STAY.  Say it with me….It is HERE TO STAY.

Okay, how about border security.  Well, funding was approved to complete some 1700 miles of border fence, some 8 years ago.  But has work progressed?  No, no and Hell no!

Well then, I guess we will look forward to ending deficit spending.  Yeah, about a soon as we stop pissing away government studies on fat Lesbians and mating gerbils in space.  Ain’t gonna happen.  Ditto with shrinking government.  Like that’s gonna happen.

I must add that it was discovered that production of ethanol wasted precious water and squandered corn crops in the name of saving the planet, while proving that you can destroy about one third of the nation’s internal combustion engines and fuel systems by burning the crap.  But has the subsidies stopped from the Republican House?……NO!  Will they stop with both Houses in the Red….No, no and Fuck NO!

The House couldn’t even stop the ban on incandescent light bulbs for Christ’s sake.

Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn promoted the ending of the ban on incandescent light bulbs, but couldn’t get that one through Committee.  Nevermind that the “squiggly” replacement bulbs are a proven hazardous waste and cannot be trusted to live up to their promises.  Forget moronic low flow toilets unable to flush mini-turds and shower heads that won’t clean off bat guano, squiggly bulbs are here to stay. 

So, if you think voting Republican is going to change the world, just remember that the new Congress won’t even stop the bass-akwards logic that supports unsustainable subsidies for the raptor killing solar and wind projects dotting our country. 

No, you go ahead and waste your time voting for these twatwaffles.  Government won‘t get smaller, citizens won‘t gain more liberty and our debt is likely to get larger.  Despite what they say to get elected, prepare yourselves to be disappointed. 

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