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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Man without Honor

The knives are out.  The cries in righteous indignation are deafening.  Even Maureen Dowd cannot be cowed.

He lied to us most every night.  He told the world stories on television of his false tales with faked sincerity.  He made public speeches building fable upon fable, to construct a faux image of heroism and bravado.  He was one of us, but unflappable in the face of danger and intrigue. 

He visited Leno, Letterman and Oprah, to scoff at our nations power brokers and meld his vision with ours.  He played as every man’s man and every woman’s savior.  The world would be a better place if everyone were like him.

Almost from the beginning his manufactured image began to peel, but those who knew refused to reveal.  For years his lies could be seen, proven and exposed, but no one in the know would spout a word of truth, lest they be scorned, abused and held in refute.

His power was absolute, his ratings through the roof.  Then one day all could hear, the rumblings of a discontent military who knew no fear.  He was a charlatan, a hoax and a discredit to his profession.  A man who had abused his station, his post, his position. 

He had taken credit for things he was not capable, stomped on his rivals, wasted his considerable capital.  His bad decisions were always politically flavored, but his support staff never wavered.  He was the man of the people and he never let them forget it. 

It had taken years, but one day all the elements of the fraud came together as teeth on a zipper.  The military, the critics, the sycophants and the brass, all came together to light up his ass.  You lied, you misled, you cheated, and now you are the dinner for a beast who will never be sated.

We will not miss him and will soon forget the misdeeds of  NBC’s Mr. Williams.  But the damage Obama’s done to this country will not be repaired over the next millennia.

We are So Screwed.

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Gleason Long said...

This is an excellent poem. Unfortunately, it represents the truth about far too many of our "elite leaders." I am suprised that this blog hasn'y caught more attention. It speaks the truth, and mirrors many of my own thoughts and prayers. Thank you for the slivers of light in a dark world.