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Monday, February 16, 2015

Things that Don't Matter

It occurred to me that some things really don’t matter.  Wars matter, blizzards matter, calamities matter, deaths (sometimes) matter, catastrophes matter and, whether I like to admit it or not, elections matter.

Likewise, laws, regulations, directives, presidential orders, decrees, edicts, memos, dictates and ordinances matter, because each and every one chips away at our liberties and freedoms.  In fact there are over 71,000 pages of things you cannot do today that you could do just seven years ago. 

But number one on my list of things that don’t matter is Kim Kardashian, or anything Kardashian for that matter (and that includes Mr. Kardashian, Bruce Jenner).  But hardly a day goes by that we don’t have headlines blaring something a Kardashian has done, said, believes or has taken her clothes off for.  In fact, I know more about this empty headed bimbo than I ever wanted to know.

So, with so much Kardashian news, I am wondering how Brian Williams was able to elbow his way into the spotlight. 

Simple, he committed a journalism felony.  He said he had done things even an empty headed Liberal could not believe.  No, he didn’t sleep with a Kardashian, but he might have thought he did.  And when the Liberal meat grinder went into overdrive, Mr. Williams was banished to his multi-million dollar domicile to ponder how he was going to make his multi-millions last until he got back on the liberal gravy train. 

You see, I don’t give a rats ass about Brian Williams.  He has received more money in one month than 80% of America makes in a lifetime.  If you are grieving for Brian, pull a couple of Benjamin’s out of your wallet and dry your eyes.  No, Brian is lying in the bed he made.  Move on.

Now Gov. Kitzhaber has fallen off his perch so fast he can’t make the first 50 stories on Yahoo.  Goodbye to bad rubbish…..

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