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Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Sobbering Thought

We keep hearing the RINO Right spouting how they are going to repeal this and repeal that when 'they' get the White House.  Okay! 

If that is true then why didn't they repeal anything when they were all in power the last time?  Or put another way, when was the last time anyone in power repealed anything since Prohibition????

If anyone thinks they will turn this Turd Bucket around in the first, or even the second, term of their administration, they should think again.  We have been subjected to over 6 years of landslide regulation and taxation under this administration.  And with NO experience in reversing ANYTHING, just how are they going to reverse anything?  If history tells us anything, being in power just adds to the misery, it never takes anything away.  Let's review:

A)  It has been demonstrated that ethanol damages older engines, takes more water to make than ethanol it produces, wastes food to make fuel and provides NO statistical benefit to the environment.  However, it does make millionaires more wealthy and food more scarce.  But even self described Conservatives are reluctant to end the charade.

B)  Windmills and Solar farms are the most expensive energy providers on the planet.  Windmills kill birds non-indiscriminately and force the cheapest energy, hydro, to shut down in our area, because both cannot be handled by the infrastructure.  Solar farms also kill birds and like Windmills, require government subsidies to make them viable.  But no one is moving to stop this charade.

C)  Obamacare is a disaster still uncompleted, because even though it was passed without being read, it is still being written three years later.  Undoing this charade is a hymn being sung by everyone RINO, but is not being challenged by any sitting legislator.  The damage it is doing cannot be calculated.  But the charade continues.

I could go on, but the charade will continue.  WE ARE SO SCREWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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