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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Stopping Obama

Dumbplumber's response to calls for Impeachment and To stop paying taxes And voting for Conservatives to stop Obama's destruction to America.....................

Half of you are full of crap (impeachment) and the other half is delusional (stop paying taxes and vote for Conservatives). The Titanic is taking on water and you clowns have solutions that will take from 2 to 5 years to implement.

No, the only ones that can turn this barge around are those closest to the Commander in Chief, the ones that took an Oath to “Protect and Defend the Constitution” and the citizens of this country.

But what we get is a clown car full of “Retired” Secret Service agents and generals and majors of the armed forces, writing books and commenting on Fox News about how screwed up things are.

Each and every one of these assholes had a job to take a bullet for the president, but not one of them were willing to take a bullet for America.

You people make me sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Gleason Long said...

Right on target again, bullseye! I figure that those (no names please)secret squirrel guys, of the only democratic society in the middle east, have to have a plan for just such a scenerio. A key part of the plan would be to make it look like the work of some malignant, progressive, radicalized, and pissed-off group of misguided nare-do-wells, who were offended by some action, or inaction of dear leader. You cannot continue to insult, smear or ignore a real warrior and a true friend to our nation and not expect some sort of reprisal.