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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Campaign Ka-ching

So, we're off to the races.  Hillary has finally announced!  She claims she is going to be the champion for the "middle class".  Let us reflect.

She already has the poor downtrodden pipples in her corner, because, like King Obama, she will continue to fork over hundreds of billions in EBT cards, free medical, free housing, free phones, free this and free that to garner the votes of those, who live off the rest of us. 

She will continue to court Wall Street, Big Oil, Big Business, Big Hollywood and Silicon Valley for the I'm "Richer than Shit" vote, with special party favors not given to the rest of us. 

Well, Hell yeah.  That just leaves the "Middle Class" (which really means the unions), who will beat and kill anyone that tries to promote Right to Work laws, nevermind that unions only represent less than 15% of working America. 

Yessiree, now all she has to do is keep all those other "Little People" from trying to run against her in the primaries.  Not to worry, she's got that Vince Foster park bench all lacquered up for any unlikely challenges.

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