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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Loving Bernie

I love Bernie Sanders.  I think I could vote for Bernie Sanders, for president.  I was a big Hillary fan, because I want the complete and absolute collapse of our country, then a revolution.  But with Bernie Sanders I get a clown show first. 

Now to be fair to Bernie, he is the most honest of candidates to announce so far.  He is an avowed Socialist (which probably includes the equally failed notions of Communists and Marxists as well).  Which puts him well ahead of lying, delusional scumbags like Jeb Bush and Rand Paul.  Jeb just wants to be Preezy because his dad and brother were, while Paul wants to rub it into his dad’s chapped ass, if he wins.

No, Bernie is the real deal.  If you want another failed social experimenter, well, Bernie is your guy.  On the other hand, if you want Cruella Deville and a third Obama administration, on steroids, send some money to Hillary and watch it disappear like the $6 billion that vanished, while she was at the State Dept..

And with Ms. Yellen churning out over $80 billion a month and cramming it into the pockets of Wall Street bankers, until at least next year, there will be ample graft to go around. 

Yup, nothing quite like watching the unraveling of the once greatest nation on earth.  And you cannot blame Obama.  He told us what he was going to do and he is doing it.  You just need to look at the voters, who put this mutt into office to know that they will be voting again in 2016. 

We are So Screwed.

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