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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Dumbplumber v Megyn Kelly

The title says it all.  Having caste off all sense of memory, history or corrupt details, the Media has boxed in and set the meme for all things Obama.  Even conservative pundits tend to forget the cudgel we have been beat with, when crafting snarky answers, or even ‘snarkier’ questions, as TV talking heads.  There appears to be no end to the rabbit holes for history.

The lists of presidential and pre-presidential gaffs are posted all over the Internet for all to see, however, few review them before throwing in the towel, due to a highly suspect Supreme Court  decision.  Such was last night’s The Kelly File, with Megyn Kelly.

Her interview with presidential candidate Ted Cruz was like a spaniel puppy rolling over for a belly rub, when it came to Cruz objecting to the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare.  “It is the law, they won, you lost“, said Kelly.  Perhaps her submission is because she, and Cruz, were both clerks to Supreme Court Justices.  But she should have known better.

It’s as if there was no questionable run-up to this decision; no behind closed door sessions; no bipartisan vote; no consideration to read it before voting for it; no attention to the main architect, Jonathan Gruber, who painfully bragged about, “the ignorance of the American people”, when crafting it; a complete lack of candor, by Obama, when he described the Bill as money saving, doctor saving, hospital saving and coverage saving as bedrock elements in the Act. 

Nevermind that the whole ACA was a fraud from the beginning and upheld by the Supremes rewriting, earlier, a key element as a tax and NOT a penalty, six of these nine vultures voted to rewrite the Act once again to save it.  Despite their legal obligation to follow the Constitution, Megyn Kelly smugly announced that it is now over and done with, because the Supremes said it was.

Sorry Ms. Kelly, if ever there was judicial injustice this last ACA decision was it.  You can hang pearls on a pig, but it is still a pig.  The difference here is you fail to see the difference between a pig and a thoroughbred.

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