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Thursday, July 09, 2015

To Dianny Russell at

A Case for Trust

Dianny, as a take off of your Hillary rant, I couldn’t help think that she is her own worst example of why you should never trust Hillary.

I was reminded of the Rose Law firm records that was lost for ages then suddenly appeared in her residence.  And who could forget that Hillary was ransacking Vince Foster’s office, after he was found dead and before officials had arrived to investigate his suicide, er, uh questionable death. 

And lest we not forget, it was Hillary that amassed a 10,000% profit on a “beef futures” investment, which has been more correctly characterized as a bribe.  And who could forget her denial of being a lawyer for Madison Guarantee Trust.  She also “wasn’t” responsible for Travelgate or the theft of thousands of dollars in taxpayer owned goodies, when she and Bill left the White House.  Nor was she lying about the Muslim offending movie maker, her roll in the death of State Dept. employees at Bengazi or the subsequent disappearance of her emails, during that debacle.

In fact, I don’t think she has been responsible for anything her entire life.  Said like a good little Marxist, Lefty she is. 

Nevermind it was Hillary who endured the parade of bimbos in and out of husband Bill’s Arkansas’ governor’s office and the Oval Office, which she dismissed with an explanation of the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy”.  All of which will be surely reran over and over and over again during this election cycle. 

But if you’re like my mother, the little old lady that works with my wifey at the local library or a friend of a friend, who is retired government, and thinks Obama is the second coming, you will certainly pull the handle for Hillary, because you’re about as smart and informed as a box of rocks.

The Dumbplumber

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