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Sunday, July 12, 2015

On 22nd Thought

Several years ago, I noticed many comments about the possibility of Preezy Obama dismissing the 22nd Amendment and taking on a third presidency or worse, becoming the Dictator In Chief.  It was then dismissed as impossible, because the Congress and SCOTUS would never allow it. 

Now it is looking more and more like a possibility.

Since the passage of 2009’s ‘Porkulus’ Bill, and the subsequent Obamacare, passed unread, along party lines (and still unfinished) has also weathered two SCOTUS decisions, despite public knowledge that “people were too stupid to understand it”.  And Obamacare still proceeds unabated in killing off healthcare, while granting unlimited power to the IRS in controlling our lives.

And speaking of the IRS, it appears that they and the Justice Department have been conspiring to shut down challenges to Democratic power, by denying ‘non-profit’ status to everyone but Democrat organizations, totally rigging elections.  In addition to successfully denying investigations of subpoenaed documents to Republican committees in Congress.  The fix appears to be in and it is staying in.

And speaking of "rigging elections", nary a peep has been raised at the glaring fact that many dozens of voting districts in 'Swing' states had NO votes cast for Mitt Romney in the last election.  We're talking about many hundreds of thousands of votes cast without ONE Romney vote.  How's that for coincidence?

It has become so bad on Capitol Hill that no matter what Obama wants, he gets.  He shuts down the coal industry, he gets unlimited subsidies to the most expensive power sources available and meanwhile shuts down the least expensive power source (hydro).  He is transforming the manufacturing, transportation and communications industries into subsidiaries of the federal government, all under the name of "fairness, the climate and safety", while espousing his support of the middle class, which he is systematically eliminating.  He is now dictating that he wants citizens, that have already destroyed urban areas, to be shipped into subsidized housing in areas they’ve yet to destroy. 

This is not to mention the unprecedented scope of government transformation within the various agencies that answer to the White House under the Executive Branch.  His granting of powers well beyond the checks and balances--within the Constitution-- is mind boggling and travels all the way down to arming and providing ammunition to almost every agent under federal authority.  Nevermind he has authorized the purchase of hundreds of millions of rounds of ammunition, enough to kill every man, woman and child within our borders.  Except for illegal aliens and government lackeys of course.

And with his recent revelation that he is, “just getting started”, I have no doubt the complete demise of Liberty and Freedom is just around the corner.  On a weekly basis Obama is rewriting the Constitution, violating his Oath of Office and reducing his status to a quasi dictatorship.  His ambitions and actions are without precedent. 

Ask me now if Obama will repeal and ignore the 22nd Amendment and I will tell you, Yes, Yes and Hell Yes. 

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