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Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Our Last Trimester

The Presidential Primary is charging into its third trimester.  Donald Trump is still firmly in the lead, despite voter fraud, vote stealing and voter tampering.  And while we are agreeably heading into favorable waters—New York and Pennsylvania--, where huge Trump wins could make a Cruz victory mathematically impossible, the whole media, big government, corrupt RNC machine is running in overdrive, 24/7 to deprive the front-runner a fair shot at the Cleveland Convention. 
Never, in the history of presidential elections has there been a spectacle or situation where a non-politician front-runner is running to save the greatest nation on earth.  Never, has there been a time that the greatest governing document, ever created, been so threatened.

Battles may be lost, but the war must be won.  Because if we don’t win this war, we will see the greatest shift of power ever taken from the people and given to the power brokers that fight against us now.   There will be NO coming back to things as they were.  We fight for the rights given to NO other occupants, of any country, in the world.  We are the last of our kind.

Our prime enemy, Senior Cruz, is sleeping with the enemy of our freedoms(um,er in this case his wife), while campaigning as our ally.  No further explanation is necessary.

 Remember this when you talk to your friends and neighbors.  

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