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Sunday, December 18, 2016

It's the Russians Stupid (sarcasm alert!)

What can I say that not already been said?  Trump won.  Hillary lost.  Period.

But that is not good enough for the Leftwing Media.  Hillary’s loss was due to Russia.  It certainly couldn't have been because they had the worst candidate ever or their own incompetence.  Nope it was the Russians.  
 We will soon get Moose, Squirrel ...AND....Hillary!

Let’s review:

  • Russia bribed Hillary into selling them 20% of our nuclear stockpile, while she was Secretary of State.

  • Russia forced nearly every pollster to claim that Hillary was the front-runner.

  • Russia made Donna Brazile submit questions to CNN “before” their debate.

  • Russia installed the unsecured ‘server’, against State Dept. objections, in her home.

  • Russia made Hillary commit multiple felonies (lying), while before the House sub-committee.

  • Russia coerced Hillary to claim that a video started the Bengazi fiasco.

  • Russia compelled Hillary to run a pay-for-play scheme with her foundation.

  • Russia revealed that John Podesta was in the midst of a corrupt campaign.

  • Russia contrived to have Debbie Wasserman-Schultz removed from the DNC and land in Hillary’s campaign.

  • Russia made Obama tell illegal aliens that they had a right to vote.

  • Russia forced Jill Stein to reveal voter fraud in Detroit.

  • Russia sent hundreds of millions of dollars to the Clinton Global Initiative.

  • Russia bought Bernie Sanders a new house after Hillary screwed him out of the Primaries.

  • Russia told Jim Comey that Hillary was lying to his investigators.

Yes, my friends, Russia is to blame for everything that Hillary claims.

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