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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Our New Way to Watch Television

I have discovered that I am spending less time at the computer these days.  Oh, I haven’t dropped any of my blogs, but have decided that reading each and every article is a colossal waste of time, time that I have precious little of these days.

You see, I am in the last trimester of life, the 60 to 90 years.  I don’t want to waste any of it reading the New York Times, the Washington ComPost or Politico.  And I will add a few others to the heap as I go on, as most of my morning blogs are just re-published articles from other sources.

I really don’t care if Kim Kardashian has had an ass lift, why one of my favorite character actors is now working at WalMart or if Carrie Fischer has had a heart attack.  She has done enough cocaine to kill a horse and done enough men to start her own whorehouse.
No, I try to focus on the news as if it’s news.  Not some rehashed, regurgitation of the old news.  If I wanted to read old news, I would subscribe to any of the above.

I like new news, human interest stories, facts about events of the past and anything said by Donald Trump, because it isn’t first filtered through the lens of the MSM.  I’m not much on predictions but if I were going to predict anything, it would be the demise of Big Media.  Fox being the lone broadcast giant telling us what is really going on in world events.

Beyond the news is entertainment.  We have a few favorite TV dramas, some of which have been terminated by Gay sex, Global Warming and bad jokes about Trump and Bush. But we have gravitated to British dramas and a few (and not so political) PBS period dramas.  Lots of eye candy and well produced, well-acted parts. 

CNN, MSNBC and ABC are gone.  NBC and CBS are delivering only 4 shows that we record and play back to avoid the commercials.   Roku, Netflix, Amazon Video among others are the staple of our viewing experience. 

We will not be the first, and most certainly not the last to make these changes, but we are really enjoying the TV experience.

 WE are in control now.

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