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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Double Standard Spending

Somebody really needs to explain to me just how it is that Liberals can complain about the National Debt in one breath, then can’t wait for Obama’s health care initiative, raising taxes on the rich and big corporations(which everyone knows will simply be passed forward to customers) and a massive government program to convert America to renewable energy, when our existing infrastructure won’t accommodate even modest additions of wind and solar projects.

It is appalling how many people support the notion of universal--or mandatory--health care when there is no argument that Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, MediCal along with other entitlement/giveaway programs not only do not resemble the programs as originally proposed, but have morphed into gargantuan bureaucracies, bloated and corrupted, fraud and incompetence.

Do we fix these programs first? No. We just look the other way and propose yet more socialist programs.

While Liberals whine and complain that the Iraq War is bankrupting us, the fact is the graft, corruption and fraud attached to the above mentioned programs would pay for the War several times over. But do we lift a finger to launch a war on fraud? NO.

So here’s a prediction for you. If Barrack Obama becomes president, the National Debt will hit $12 trillion before it ever sees $8 trillion again. And you won’t here a peep about it from the folks that voted him in.

Sorry Conservatives, McCain--for all his fiscal ranting--won’t do much better under a Congress hell bent on taxing and spending their way out of a hole.

But hey, I could be wrong. The

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