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Monday, August 04, 2008

Pelosi and the Oil Hoax

So, now let me get this straight. Nancy Pelosi and Company say the Republicans are “staging a hoax” by continuing to occupy the House of Representatives during the August recess. Does Nancy even know what a hoax is? I would submit a hoax is what Congress does when it is “IN” session.

Besides, what is the downside for Republican Congressmen who are willing to continue the debate on lowering our cost of energy, when the rest of Congress is off working on their tans, hawking their books and schmoozing with their big donors, while the rest of us are pumping $4 gas? They are on salary, it doesn’t cost us a thing and besides it is really pissing Pelosi off.

What Nancy fails to notice from her million dollar view of San Francisco Bay is that those little ants out there in those little boats and cars are voters. To her peril, Nancy will spend more time trying to sell her book and keeping the lights out back at the House floor during this recess than actually doing something about the biggest threat to our Country than anything since 9/11.

So enamored with her 3rd position from the Presidency is Nancy, she will wrap herself in her arrogance, surround herself with Secret Service and devote her entire vacation to aggrandizing herself and her position, while America crumbles around her.

In the meantime Republicans rightly smell blood in the water. If they don’t see the an opportunity to drive a Mack truck through the hole Democrats have left open, with their summer recess, their driver’s licenses should be revoked. The Republican Revolt isn’t exactly crying fire in a crowded theater, but it sure the hell beats the smoke we’ve been getting lately.

But hey, I could be wrong. The

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