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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Letter to my Representative: grow a pair

Dear Mr. Herger,

I post my opinions on my website,, but it doesn’t take a Dumbplumber to realize that America is facing it’s biggest threat since 9-11. Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but the current energy crisis is little more than a fabrication by Liberal forces to cram the green agenda and the Global Warming Hoax down America’s throat. In doing so, they have exposed themselves to the unintended consequences of business failures, high unemployment and the appearance of worldwide weakness, which I’m sure they plan to carry on to the November election, so we can be “saved” by the Democrat Rock Star, come Messiah.

The only questions are: whether the Republicans can break the trance over the “true believers” long enough for them to realize that they are mere pawns in a game where economic suffering and indeed human lives are at stake; can Republicans leaders clean up their acts on Capitol Hill and once again generate respect from our citizens, by standing shoulder to shoulder with “blue dog” Democrats and; can you turn this charade around and place the blame for the suffering back on the Liberals, where it belongs.

If there ever was an opportunity to turn your fortunes around this is it. Time to make the Liberals “famous” for the shenanigans going on now. You have but a few weeks of a window to determine whether Conservatism will “right” our course or leave us doomed to the Liberal agenda. This is a golden opportunity, handed to you by Nancy Pelosi. Don’t blow it.

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