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Saturday, August 30, 2008

McCain's Rovian Moment

John McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin for his VP is a stroke of genius. My only question is, who on McCain’s staff put her selection together? It sure as hell wasn’t John, he’s not that smart.

With Palin’s pick, John galvanizes Conservatives, who were on the sidelines waiting for him to grow a sack over Shamnesty, Free Speech and a host of other issues he sided with Democrats on. He attracts Hillary’s women voters who are still smarting over the dissing of Hillary by Obama’s machine. He fills the needs of Independents and moderates of both parties who are still looking for someone to represent them. And he has picked a partner with more “balls” than all the insufferable gasbags on Capitol Hill.

No, in analyzing this pick I wonder more about the brain-child that landed on this nomination more than any gnashing over Palin’s qualifications. Whoever “that” person is, is the next Carl Rove. However I suspect that witnessing the demonization of the “real” Carl, over the past 8 years, this advisor will remain in his foxhole until Fox News needs someone to replace, hereto date, the most brilliant political tactician of our time.

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