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Monday, October 13, 2008

Are We Crazy?

Has the world lost its mind? Democrats took over Congress two years ago with promises to lower energy prices with some “common sense measures.” Well, with the financial world in a meltdown, oil is now below $80 a barrel. However, I’m not so sure that causing Wall Street to lose 40% of its value over the last year and dragging global markets behind it, would qualify as a “common sense measure“. Still, Democrats say it is because of Bush???

And….over 50% of America believes them!!!

Well, don’t bother going back and seeing who sparked this housing crash with demands that every person deserved a house they had no way of paying for. The cast of clowns responsible are still sitting in their leather chairs up on Capitol Hill. So, those that paved the way for this debacle, are now trying to claim credit for getting us out of it.

Nothing like putting the cart before the horse, because by my last check, that $850 billion is still setting in Paulson’s “In Box” growing hair. Seems that Hank could have used some of that downtime he spent waiting for Nancy, Harry and Company to stop pissing on each other over the “sweeteners”(formerly referred to as earmarks) they were planting inside the biggest ransom in history, to figure out who would get the booty, once it hit his desk. Guess that sort of takes some of the edge off the initial “urgency” of the bailout request, over two weeks ago, doesn’t it?

No folks, this isn’t extortion. It isn’t even a well laid plan. It is a loose knit combination of incompetence, ineptitude, and unmitigated greed combined with opportunity, motive and ability. Unfortunately, it is also the end of business as usual on Wall Street, Main Street and unfortunately, your street.

You see, while those that were helping themselves, when they were supposed to be watching out for us, let the shields down and allowed the Klingons to enter our Starship. So now, while our representatives are all busy pointing fingers at each other, claiming legislative divine intervention, the interlopers are picking the meat off our financial carcass, with impunity. Some even have speculated that foreign forces, with billions at their fingertips, are at work in what only can be described as the worlds biggest video game where they are “gaming” our financial system for trillions. But the silence on this front is deafening, even though proof is at our fingertips.

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