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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Palin and Comedy

So what’s all the bruhaha over Sarah Palin? She’s not qualified. She has no foreign policy experience. She’s a joke. Hardee, har, har.

Well for you folks over 40, Tina Fey is the new Dana Carvey.

For all of you with short memories, or no memories at all, Dana Carvey made a career of satirizing Ross Perot. Never mind that Dana Carvey didn’t now where Fresno was, much less than Nome or Moscow. So now we have Tina Fey doing the same to Sarah Palin. But Sarah Palin is no Ross Perot.

There isn’t a day goes by that the Saturday Nite Live crew isn’t aired on some network or another. And while they poke a lot of fun at Bill Clinton, John McCain, Sarah Palin and Carl Rove, they are conspicuous in their absence of any poking at either of the Obamas. Well there is a good reason for that…Fear.

Not only are the Obamas off limits, there is absolutely nothing funny about them. And while they have wrapped themselves in the cloak of “Racism”, fending off all criticism of policy, position or posture, their associations, past actions and aspirations scare the living crap out of any thinking American.

So while the comedic world makes mincemeat out of Palin and McCain in direct benefit to Obama, their conspicuous absence of any Obama mirth speaks volumes of their dual fears of either “not” satirizing Palin, while giving Obama a pass.

Your bias, partisanship and unbridled favoritism to an empty suit, whose only accomplishments have been extorting public funds to give to others is palpable. So keep it up you court jesters. America is keeping score.

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