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Friday, October 17, 2008

Joe the Plumber: Life outside the D.C. Cesspool

The Dumbplumber…life outside the D.C. cesspool

Well now they have gone and done it. They are picking on a plumber, “Joe The Plumber” to be exact, and I’m mad as hell and not gonna take it any more. Politicians, pundits and pinheads alike don’t really want to go where they think they’re going, for if you climb down in the septic tank, you’re going to be wearing a little excrement by the time you climb out.

Joe Wurzelbacher, aka Joe the Plumber, made the mistake of being anywhere near Obama on that fateful day. Now he is paying for it. It was a fool’s errand to talk to Obama, much less than ask him a question. At that moment “Joe” should have heard the toilet flush just as he removed the plug in the sewer line. Now the feces is coming down on him, with nowhere to go. “He’s not licensed”. “He’s got tax problems”. He’s got ear hair. How dare he question the Messiah?

Joe can forget about buying that plumbing company he works for. Not that it isn’t a good opportunity, but with his sudden fame he is now a target for every Left Wingnut trolling his neighborhood or surfing the Net. His fifteen minutes of fame will cost him dearly in future contracts with Liberals, negotiations with union goons and interviews with our friends at the IRS Criminal Investigation Unit.

Joe will rue the day he became the darling of Conservatives and fresh meat for the media puppets and Liberal zealots alike, mostly because, while “Joe the Plumber” has been mentioned more in the last 48 hours than Brittney Spears, Madonna and Gary Coleman combined, there are no book deals or movies out there for him. No pay-window for Joe.

My utmost respect goes out to Joe for his grasp of economic and tax issues and his trying to explain these to the Democrat Candidate. However, I fear that Joe’s candid conversation will do little to educate “The One”, whose style far outweighs his substance.

Good luck Joe. You’re gonna need it.

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