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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Obama Follow the Money

Now here we go again. Senator Obama’s campaign money changers are busy “returning” all kinds of questionable donations to questionable donors, because they have been notified by “scrutinizers” that donors with scrabbled syllables as names may not be suitable or acceptable, especially since their serial donations are not hundreds, but thousands more than legal limits.

We all remember the Hillary campaign, which got caught accepting “bundled” donations of thousands of dollars each from dishwashers, waitresses, and shoeshine boys, all of Asian descent. Well, Obama sort of cancelled that out with his own little “International Dialing For Dollars” organization.

Obama is no dummy, he went where the real money was, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and other “Muslim” nations, just itching to have a self avowed “Christian” in the White House. Of course the money they were sending him was originally ours, which was a fraction they have acquired by extortion, fraud and corruption… at the pump, over the internet and through the mail.

Scrutinizers discovered, quite by accident, that Dahsudhu Hduadh of Df, Hawaii and Uadhshgu Hduadh of Dhff, Fla. may not be the honest, hard working Obama supporters that the Obama bean counters thought they were.

Now, I don’t want to go out on a limb here, but I have heard that Df has the 35th best surf on planet, while Dhff, Florida has a Hooters not to be believed. All the waitresses are over 60 and still have the implants they got in the 70’s. Hooorah.

But seriously folks, Obama and Obama’s game plan has more holes than a bolt of cheesecloth, more deception than Barney Frank at a Freddie and Fannie costume ball and more obfuscation than a platoon of Philadelphia lawyers at Guantanamo. Call it what you will, but out and out fraud is not actionable in a political campaign, which is what we have here. So, while campaigns casually claim they are returning these contributions, I wait to see the canceled check from Dhff, Florida or Df, Hawaii, much less than anyone whose name was picked from a bowel of Alphabet Soup.

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